Significant Events in the History of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Inc.

Special Moments

The ACF returned to Perth in 1990. Constitutional "tidy–up" dominated the Annual General Meeting, and the Judges Guild was endorsed as a recommendatory body to the ACF. A joint policy on recognition of new breeds was initiated; pewter Persians and tabby–point Birmans were accepted; and tight guidelines for allowable outcross in Scottish Folds were established. Qualifying for ACF National titles was clarified. Three challenges (or Awards of Merit) must be obtained at three National shows, with at least 20 months between the first and the last show. Alternatively, two certificates must be obtained at two National show plus three others issued by international or overseas judges (still with a 20–month minimum period). Ragdolls were given provisional recognition without challenge. Various show rules were discussed, and it was decided that, when panel judging was used at an ACF show to decide the Supreme Exhibit, it should be by secret ballot, not conferring. Supreme Entire Cat this year was Ch Hitaga Wild Imp (tawny Abyssinian); Supreme Kitten was Itoka Bow Bells (blue British Shorthair); and Supreme Desexed Exhibit was Alborah Adriana (black Oriental).