badgeJudges from all ACF member bodies are entitled to join the Guild. Provision is made for both cadet judges of ACF (Inc.) member bodies and judges from recognised non-ACF (Inc.) bodies to join. Whilst these latter two categories of members are able to attend meetings and contribute to discussion on matters they are unable to vote.

In order to keep members informed on any aspect of judging, breeding, showing or training both nationally and internationally the Guild publishes 'Felijudge' quarterly and conducts an annual seminar. Members are encouraged to provide input into these events to ensure that they are meeting member's needs.

The Guild is a recommendatory body to the ACF (Inc.) which means that all matters relating to:

  1. ACF (Inc.) or ACF (Inc.) member body judges:
    • their welfare; training, qualifications and conduct; and
    • elevation to the ACF (Inc.) National Judges Panel;
  2. recognition of breeds;
  3. breeding rules; and
  4. breed standards

are referred to the Guild to consider and make recommendations to the ACF (Inc.) prior to any decision taking place.
As a member of the Guild your opinions as an individual are recognised regardless of any input/decision making done at the ACF (Inc.) member body level.