Introduction to the World Cat Congress

In 1994 the Italian cat club, Associazione Nazionale Felina Italiana, organised a major event in the cat fancy under the title 'Cats and Man'. This event took place in Venice in June of that year and consisted of a seminar in which some distinguished Italian scholars from the fields of art, literature and science took part. There was also an international cat show and a meeting between the representatives of several of the world's major cat associations from the United States, Don Williams, President of the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA); from the United Kingdom, Brenda Wolstenholme, Chairman of the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF); and from Europe, Alva Uddin, President of FIFe, and Anneliese Hackmann, President of the World Cat Federation (WCF).

Better understanding and cooperation

Most of those taking part in this first meeting saw the importance of international cooperation and it was decided to establish a regular meeting of the presidents of the associations, to study, and to seek solutions for, problems of common interest.

Establishing tradition

Subsequent meetings have followed the pattern established in Venice - seminars, an international show at which the participating heads of organisations are invited to judge, and a meeting of representatives of the world's cat associations.In 1999 a Charter was accepted and in 2001 a Constitution was established and accepted.Member bodies The current member bodies of the WCC are:

  • Australian Cat Federation (Inc.) [ACF]
  • Cat Fanciers Association [CFA]
  • Coordinating Cat Council of Australia Inc. [CCCA]
  • Federation Internationale Feline [FIFe]
  • Governing Council of the Cat Fancy [GCCF]
  • New Zealand Cat Fancy [NZCF]
  • South African Cat Council [SACC]
  • The International Cat Association [TICA]
  • World Cat Federation [WCF]

ACF representation at WCC meetingsThe ACF (Inc.) is represented by its International Liaison Officer at all WCC meetings.

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