Article on Toxoplasmosis by Dr Isobel Johnstone

An overview of the disease Toxoplasmosis by Dr Isobel Johnstone who has had a lifetime career as a Veterinary Scientist at The University of Queensland and is a former Director of UQ’s Companion Animal Clinic. Please click on the link for the article that she has written on Toxoplasmosis

Expulsion Of ACF Member Body

The following statement is a copy of an official statement which may be downloaded by clicking on the link.

To whom it may concern:

Please take note that The Feline Association of NSW Inc. has been formally expelled from the Australian Cat Federation (Inc.), effective 31 October 2013. The background to this action is outlined below.

On 30 September 2013, the committee of The Australian Cat Federation (Inc.) expelled The Feline Association of NSW Inc from membership of the Federation in accordance with Rule 33 of the Federation’s Constitution, for conduct detrimental to the interests of the Australian Cat Federation (Inc.) in that The Feline Association of NSW Inc has

        failed to abide by its Constitution in the conduct of its affairs, including the conduct of its 2013 AGM;

        failed to follow due process in the removal from office of a duly elected officer, namely Deb Nugent;

        failed to cooperate with ACF in its attempt to resolve identified irregularities in its administration;

        failed to show evidence of capacityto work with all members of TFA without prejudice or partiality;

Prior to this action being taken,TFA had been offered an alternative to suspension/expulsion in the form of a ManagementPlan but consistentlyrefused to co-operate with ACF in the implementation of the said Management Plan designed to mentor TFA through identified administrative and constitutional issues.

Along with the notice of expulsion, The Feline Association of NSW was informed on 30 September 2013 of its right to appeal under Section 33 of the Australian Cat Federation (Inc) Constitution,

33.       (1)       Subject to this rule, the committee maysuspend orexpel a member from the Federation if, in the opinion of the committee the member has been guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests of the Federation. 

(a)       In the case of suspension, such decision will be made under the terms of clause 27 (Meetings of the committees and the subcommittees) and the suspended member will assume member body under suspension status for a period of one year. If at the expiry of that period the member body under suspension has not demonstrated remedial action/s pertaining to the cause of the suspension to the satisfaction of the committee, the committee may proceed with expulsion procedures.

(2)       The expulsion of a member pursuant to sub-rule (1) of this rule does not take effect -

(a)       until the expiration of thirty days after the service on the member of a notice under sub-rule (3) of this rule; or

(b)       if the member exercises his/her right of appeal under this rule, until the conclusion of the special general meeting to hear the appeal, convened in that member’s state whichever is the later date.

(3)       Where the committee expels a member from the Federation, the Secretary of the Federation shall, without undue delay, cause to be served on the member a notice in writing -

(a)       stating that the committee has expelled the member;

(b)       specifying the grounds for the expulsion; and

(c)       informing the member that if he/she so desires he/she may, within thirty days   after the service of the notice on him/her, appeal against the expulsion as provided in this rule.

The Feline Association of NSW Inc did not appeal the decision within the designated period; hencethe decision of the Australian Cat Federation (Inc) stands. Thus, as of 31stOctober 2013, the expulsion of The Feline Association of NSW Inc for conduct detrimental to the interests of the Australian Cat Federation (Inc) became effective, and its name has thus been removed from the roll of members of the Australian Cat Federation (Inc.).

Statement issued by

Professor Diana Davis, President,

Nell Evans, Secretary,

Australian Cat Federation (Inc)

1November 2013