2014 Standard Updates

1. Maine Coon & Norwegian Forest Cat - colour description
2. Ragdoll - Bi-colour - mask pattern
3. Turkish Van - eye colour description
4. Siamese - amendment to Tabby point standard
5. Peterbald - acceptance of reviewed standard
6. Manx - Description of Head
7. Scottish Fold - Burmese colour expression added
8. Tonkinese - standard amended

New Breeds
1. Australian Bombay renamed Mandalay
2. Bombay (American)
3. Burmese (American)
4. Snowshoe

ACF New Member Body

ACF are very pleased to announce that Cats NSW has been accepted as a member of the Australian Cat Federation Inc. We welcome Cats NSW and wish them every success in the future. Cats NSW secretary is Terry Goulden