There are eight levels:

AoE - Award of Excellence BRZ AoE - Bronze Award of Excellence SLV/AoE Silver - Award of Excellence GLD/AoE - Gold Award of Excellence SAP/AoE Sapphire - Award of Excellence RBY/Ao /Ruby - Award of Excellence EMD/AoE Emerald -  Award of Excellence DIA/AoE Diamond -Award of Excellence

Each level requires 10 Award of Excellence certificates. Cats may receive this award posthumously.

1) All cats (i.e. exhibits over nine months of age) registered with any affiliate of ACF or CCCA are eligible.

2) Cats must be entered in the class by the Show Secretary. The class is to be a free class.

3) The Award of Excellence is issued in the following manner:

Maximum Certificates to be awarded per show :One certificate per SEX per GROUP:

  • titled or untitled Male, Female, Neuter, Spay
  • separated into Group One, Group Two, Group Three
  • be of sufficient merit, i.e. the cat is deemed to be of a standard of excellence of not less than 95 per cent

(no more than six certificates to be awarded per show for entires)

(no more than six certificates to be awarded per show for desexed.)

4) In the case of "multiple ring" shows, each ring is to be considered as a "separate show" and certificates are to be awarded accordingly.

5) A record of certificates issued at each show is to be kept and checked by each affiliate's registrar or secretary who will verify applications.

6) Applications for ACF Awards of Excellence must be made on the appropriate form and be certified correct by the affiliate registrar or secretary

7) Applications must be made through the affiliate.

8) Applications must be accompanied by 10 original award certificates and sent to the affiliate's registrar or secretary

9) For each level, applications must be accompanied by a $25.00 fee.

10) Application for cats registered with an ACF affiliate must be made as above.

(Application for titles for cat registered with an affiliate of CCCA can be made as above, through the ACF affiliate control in the State of residence, or can be sent direct to the ACF AoE Registrar, on the appropriate form, with 10 original certificates and payment.)

11) Affiliates may submit endorsed photocopies of certificates to the ACF AoE Registrar.

12) Affiliates must submit the prescribed $25.00 fee with all applications to the ACF AoE Registrar.

(N.B. ACF Award certificates earned when a cat was entire can be carried on towards further awards after the animal is desexed.)The awarding of a certificate is to be regarded as a mark of excellence in a particular exhibit. It is not to be regarded as an automatic award in any respect.

ACF's Distinguished Merit Award (ACF DM) is effective from 1 January 1999. This is a title conferred by ACF on cats that have produced outstanding offspring and ACF DM then follows the name of the cat in question. .It requires no fee, but does entail submission of conclusive proof of wins. This title may be added to pedigrees retrospectively.It is open only to cats registered with an ACF affiliate.There are different criteria for male and female cats and the requirements are as follows:

Male cat: Has sired

  • Five offspring that win ACF AoE title; or
  • Three offspring that have won Best of Group at ACF National shows.

Female cat: Has produced

  • Three offspring that have won ACF AoE title; or
  • Two offspring that have won Best of Group at ACF National shows.

In the event of a cat winning AoE as an entire, and then winning an additional 10 certificates as a neuter (these wins having been recorded with the ACF Secretary in the usual way), the latter win also counts towards the parents' scoring.Applications are to be supported by a photocopy of catalogue pages, or a statutory declaration naming cats and shows involved, forwarded to the ACF Secretary, who will check these details with ACF records and/or show organisers.Owners of any cats awarded a DM  title are invited to submit a clear photograph and short biography on the cat to the ACF Yearbook editor for inclusion each year on a page featuring all winners.

For Entire Cats:

  • ACF National Champion (ACF NAT CH)
  • ACF National Grand Champion (ACF NAT GD CH)

For Neutered Cats:

  • ACF National Premier (ACF NAT PR)
  • ACF National Grand Premier (ACF NAT GD PR)

There are two ways to qualify for the ACF National Titles:

  • Three Challenges/Awards of Merit awarded at three different ACF (Inc.) National Shows, by three different judges.
  • Two Challenges/Awards of Merit, awarded at two different ACF (Inc.) National Shows, by two different judges; plus three Challenges/Awards of Merit, awarded at other shows by ACF (Inc.) international judges or overseas judges.

The last Challenge/Award of Merit must be awarded at least 20 months after the first.Note: "Different ACF (Inc) National Shows" means shows held in different years.APPLICATION FEE: $25.00

APPLICATIONS: To be made on the appropriate form, with copies of Challenge/Award of Merit Certificates which qualify for the title according to the necessary requirements as shown above.If the cat is registered with an affiliate of the ACF (Inc.) application must be lodged through the Registrar/Secretary of the particular affiliate.If the cat is registered with an unaffiliated control, a copy of the cat's Certificate of Registration must also be forwarded with the application.