Julian Schuller ~ CANT

ACF Panel:
International: Yes


PO Box 42468
Casuarina NT 0811
Phone: 0447 373 659
Mob: 0447 373 659

Airport: Darwin (DIA)


Julian joined the cat fancy in 1964 in Western Australia using the prefix “Blaumeise”, Bred Siamese/Oriental, Burmese & Cornish Rex. Julian was a pioneer of the Havana in Australia. Her cats have won many awards including an ACF National Show Shorthair BIS in 1979.

Granted first judging license in 1972 under CANT (Inc.) and has achieved the status of Tutor judge as well as being an international and FIFe judge. Julian has judged extensively in Australasia and Europe. Julian lived from 2006 to 2010 in the U.K. undertaking many judges assignments in Europe and attending many shows and seminars.

Cat Fancy interests include cat genetics and health and welfare issues. Julian.


1977 Denmark, Austria, 1980 Germany 1984 Singapore 1985 Malaysia & Germany 1991 Germany & Switzerland 1997 South Africa & Germany 1998 UK 2003 Germany 2004 New Zealand 2005 New Zealand 2011 South Africa & Germany