Deborah Hartwig ~ Cats NSW

ACF Panel: 1990, 2005 (All Breeds)
International: Yes


21 Abbott Street
Quirindi NSW 2343
Phone: 02 6746 2928
Mob: 0408 740 960

Airport: Tamworth (TMW)


I have always owned a cat, I can’t remember a time when I haven’t. My first pedigree cat was a Blue Longhair in 1975, I went on to breed White Longhairs, then onto the Patched Persians. I have won many awards with my breeding over the years in Central/North Queensland. I entered the cat fancy in 1976, where I served all capacities of show management, and I have held several positions in our cat club in Central Queensland over my many years of involvement with the club. I enjoy judging, it is a delight to handle so many lovely exhibits, and to constantly see the different breeds of cats exhibited.

Deborah gained her Group 1 Open judge’s licence with QFA in 1985, Group 2 Open licence in 2000 and her Group 3 Open licence in 2005 making her a QFA Inc All Breeds judge. Deborah has judged in most States and Territories of Australia and in NZ and is interested in learning more about all felines.


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