Bernadette Roberts ~ FCCQ

ACF Panel: 2009
International: No


Kelvin Grove QLD 4059
Phone: 07 3856 4948

Airport: Brisbane (BNE)


Together with her spouse, Ian Honour, Bernadette has bred and exhibited numerous cats of the year in the Turkish Van, Oriental, and Siamese breeds. In particular, ACF Nat. Pr., ACF AoE Diamond, CFCCQ Platinum DGC, QICC Argyle DGC, FCCQ Ruby DGC Byanda Ricardo Carlos Manoso (known as Ranger; thank you Janet Evanovich) was the Best All–Breed Alter at the 2011 ACF National Show held in Brisbane, following selection by a panel of international judges from Austria, Japan, the United States, and South Africa. In 2012, Ranger has yet again produced outstanding, results on the show bench in Queensland. His Siamese sister, Byanda Paris When It Sizzles, was QICC Shorthair Cat of the Year and FCCQ Group Two Cat of the Year in 2011.

In the Turkish Van arena, PDGC Vanwillow Wonder Woman won the first ACF AoE for a Turkish Van and was also the first CCCA Champion Turkish Van. Vanwillow Warrigal Wonder (known as Gordon) was a brilliant show cat for three years as an entire male, including winning Group One Cat of the Year in 2007. Likewise, the unforgettable silver spotted Oriental, Byanda Tail of the Century (known as Olivia), was a multiple cat of the year winner over several years and entranced all those who knew her. She was the first cat in mainland Australia to win an ACF AoE.

Bernadette has organised, and presented at, many successful seminars on secondary education, tertiary entrance, competency–based learning, community–based learning, recognition of prior learning and multiple transition pathways, as well as feline matters, over the last 35 years. She is author and/or editor of some 40 publications and is regarded by her peers as an outstanding writer and a pedantic editor. She is the current co–editor, with Lesley Morgan, of the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) Yearbooks for 2012 and 2013 and is playing a significant role in drafting the text for, and editing the content of, the forthcoming, revised ACF website.