Anne Harvey ~ FCCQ

ACF Panel: Group 1 (2011) Group 2 (2012) Group 3 (2013)
International: No


PO Box 312
Hervey Bay QLD 4655
Phone: 0438 581 208
Mob: 0438 581 208

Airport: Brisbane (BNE)


Anne qualified as a Group 1 judge with FCCQ in 2009. She began her judges training in Groups 2 and 3 in late 2009, and was licenced as an open Group 2 judge with FCCQ in 2011. She completed her shorthair training and became an approved All breeds Judge with FCCQ in 2012.

Cats have always been part of Anne’s family; however it was not until 1999 that she discovered the cat fancy. Beginning in the year 2000, Anne began breeding and showing Maine Coons. She was one of the first to introduce the breed to Queensland, and among the first handful of Maine Coon breeders in Australia at that time. Anne concentrates on health, temperament and quality in her small breeding programme which has produced some successful show winners and Cat of the Year winners during that time, but more importantly has produced healthy well–balanced kittens who bring joy to their families.

Anne is committed to supporting and promoting the cat fancy, and has held a number of executive positions in cat clubs. She is currently the Secretary of the Siamese and Shorthair Cat Club of Qld Inc., and Secretary of the FCCQ Judges Guild. She assists with, and manages cat shows, and is an active member of the Feline Control Council of Queensland Inc.

Outside the world of cats, Anne works as a Senior Engineering Technician with a large international Engineering Consultant. She also enjoys reading and travel. Anne lives in Hervey Bay, a few hours’ drive north of Brisbane, but uses Brisbane as her base for judging and showing.