Matthew Branagh ~ CVI

ACF Panel: 2017
International: No


PO Box 660
Drysdale VIC 3222
Phone: 0468 874 233
Mob: 0468 874 233

Airport: Melbourne (MEL)


I began breeding Burmese in 1991 and registered the prefix of BARRADENE. In 1994 I got my first Siamese and since this time have bred Siamese, Oriental, Foreign White, Peterbald, Tonkinese, Maine Coon and British Shorthair. Currently I breed Siamese, Oriental, Foreign White and British Shorthair under this prefix. I have bred many Best in Show Exhibits and have owned and bred many Cat of The Year Exhibits.

I achieved my group 2 judging licence in 2008, and have judged in many states of Australia. A highlight of my judging was a Group 4 assignment in Malaysia in 2016.

My life outside the cat world involves Arboriculture. I am lucky in that trees are my passion and I have been able to turn this into a lifestyle. Consulting as the principle consultant in my consultancy ’Let’s Talk About Trees’ my work is focused at Federal and State Government bodies, and has allowed me to travel overseas consulting for international consortiums. I have a keen interest in Horticulture and maintain a large garden and plant collection at my home in which my cats are a key focal point.