Debs Armishaw ~ Cats NSW

ACF Panel: Transfer 2018
International: Yes


Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: 0403 057 188
Mob: 0403 057 188

Airport: Sydney (SYD)


I have been involved within the cat world since 1986 and started breeding Siamese/Orientals in 1990, when I was granted my prefix "Pernpet" and my first breeding girl came to rule my life. I have bred Siamese & Oriental for approximately 25 years and I’m currently owned by one Oriental Bi–colour.

I obtained my shorthair license in 2001 and my longhair license in 2017 after successfully passing all my assignments and exams as a transfer judge in 2016.
I have judged both in New Zealand and Australia.

I’ve relocated to Sydney for a second time and am a member of Cats NSW. I previously spent some time living in Australia, after the Canterbury earthquakes and was a member of NSW CFA. I returned to New Zealand in 2012 and applied to re–join the NZCF and judging fraternity. In 2015 I was elected to the Executive Council. I held the following Portfolios; Judges, IT, Registrations. I ended my three–year tenure also holding the Vice Chair and the Privacy Officer positions.

Over the past 31 years I have been involved in all the various aspects of the Cat World, breeding, judging, Club committees and running cat show, including Secretary, Handler, Steward, working in the kitchen, Vet’s assistant, Entry Clerk, Show Manager and working in the ticket room.

In my other life, I currently am an HSSEQ Advisor, for an international company that provides Facility Management support to companies in the private and public sectors, Universities and District or City Councils.


New Zealand