Kim Fuhrer ~ CVI

ACF Panel: 2014
International: No


Berwick VIC 3806
Phone: 03 9705 0072

Airport: Melbourne (MEL)


I have had all types of animals around me since I can remember, but by the time I was around 12 I had my first Blue Point Siamese and I was hooked. My mother and I started a prefix with FCC (Winkim) and we had a few litters during that time. In my 20�s I bred Dobermanns under the prefix �Phocas�Kennels, during this time I still had my Siamese but only as pets, then in the mid 90�s we began breeding and showing under Gautama Divine Balinese , starting with Balinese, which soon led to Siamese, and now Foreign Whites and have recently opened a new prefix of �Hellsgates� for Orientals.

My primary concern has always been the health and happiness of all animals, so several years ago I began a feline genetics course with Cornell University (Texas USA) which took me to a whole new level of pain, but after a while it started making sense and was one of the best things I ever done as far as breeding is concerned.
I have imported several cats over the years from different countries, helping to open up the gene pool and increase health and type into the group 2 breed.

I have been a senior steward since the 90�s with GCCFV and became interested in judging by the late 90�s, so I began stewarding for group one exclusively at the time, to get as much hands on experience as possible, Group one offered me an opportunity to be completely unbiased as a judge as I had not bred this group, I feel this gave me the freedom to see the breeds from the standards requirements without having my likes or dislikes tint my view.

Over the years I became highly involved in the cat world, managing many shows,( including some very successful and highly profitable feline health research fund shows and being on the committee for a CCCA National show ), being on various committees, holding introductory talks on genetics for GCCFV and doing talks at CCCA judges conferences on various subjects.
I have travelled extensively over the last couple of years and have enjoyed seeing cat shows in other countries, (2 in UK, the World show 2013 in Denmark and 2014 in Prague) I even got to see close up, the new intriguing Amber Norwegian Forest Cat which was a treat.

At the end of 2011 I decided to have a break from the cat world for a while , then in 2014 I changed councils to CVI and have enjoyed the relaxed and friendly nature of the shows since my return.