Judith Russack ~ GCCFSA

ACF Panel: 1981 (All Breeds)
International: Yes


32 Farrant Street
Prospect SA 5082
Phone: 0407 344 266
Mob: 0407 344 266

Airport: Adelaide (ADL)


I have always had a love of cats starting with domestics and then with a Siamese in 1957. Under the King’s Mead prefix and with my mother I have been involved in breeding many breeds including, many colours of Siamese and Persians, Burmese, Abyssinians, Somalis and Cornish Rex. In the last few years I have concentrated on owning and breeding Abyssinians.
I have been involved in many aspects of the Cat Fancy over the 55 years and currently Secretary and Show Manager for the Cat Fancier’s Society of S.A., Delegate and Group 3 and Experimental Registrar for the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy of S.A. I became an All Breeds Judge in 1978 and have judged in all States of Australia, New Zealand and in Europe. I am Judging Course Coordinator and Tutor Judge for Governing Council.
Apart from cats I have many other interests which I hope to do more now that I have retired as a teacher after 38 years. I have always enjoyed lots of craft work including, knitting, crochet, quilting and sewing, and also love reading, especially good mysteries, theatre and travel.


1977 Holland, Norway