Jo-Anne Frank ~ QFA

ACF Panel: 2006 (G2) 2008 (G3) 2018 (G1)
International: Yes


8 Armistice Street
Burdell QLD 4818
Phone: 07 4774 2523 (Leave Message)
Mob: 0438 725 097

Airport: Townsville (TSV)


I started breeding Siamese and Orientals in 1989 (under Minsai prefix), specialising in Chocolate Point Siamese. A few years later, I expanded our breeding programme to encompass other colours and patterns of Siamese and Oriental Shorthairs. I undertook stewards training in 1991 and have been an active steward since that time. Since becoming a judge, I have judged in all states of Australia except Tasmania, NT and ACT.


New Zealand 2017