Advertising – 2014 ACF Yearbook

Bernadette has provided the attached information that will help us all to make her editing job easier and I am forwarding this to all.
As this issue will be a little smaller than usual, we have decided to leave the price at $10.00, which allow us to make a small profit if we can organise significant advertising from members and sell all copies.
Copy is still needed:
·        New (to ACF) judges  mainly photos, brief information (as in past yearbooks - see attached for what is needed)
· New ACF Exec members, as above
· 2012 and 2013 ACF National Show Winners (BOG) - photos with captions
· 2012 and 2013 Affiliate COY pics (with year etc, as in attached).
· ACF National Champions & Premiers,  Distinguished Merit Award winners - photos, cat details and brief information.  
For all of the above, please read the attachment for what needs to be sent.  Some information may be abbreviated or deleted by the Editor but please supply it so it is available if needed.
It may be helpful if you can refer to previous issues to see what is traditionally included in these sections (Past Exec members were all given a copy).
Advertising rates are:
Front & Back Covers
Front cover reserved for 2013 ACF National Show Best of Group/Best in Show winners (only 5 spots available) - cover pic with business card inside cover for $175 each.
Back Cover advertising is available at $200 each (pic and business card inside - 6 of).  Priority given to Best of Group/Supreme winners at 2012/2013 Nationals.
Black & White
               $225 for full page (2 or 3 photos)
               $115 for half page (2 photos)
               $70 for quarter page (1 photo)
               $40 for 1/6 page  (no photos)
               $280 for club page of business cards (printer must reset). 
Rates by negotiation, approx. double the above.